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Hi. I am Rohan, 63 years old and getting older every day.


I came to UK from Sri Lanka when I was about 25. I am a chartered engineer and a qualified teacher.  I enjoyed a rewarding career spanning from teaching/ lecturing to construction project management until about 3 years back when I suddenly realised that time is running out on me and there is very little time left for me to do all those daring things I wanted to do since I was a kid. I always longed for adventure and wanted to do things like travelling the world, flying aeroplanes and do parachute jumping. So I have decided to take early retirement and to have a go at them.

Then I had a  shocking realisation. My income has dropped to such an extent that I may not be able to take up flying or even travelling the world as I wanted. I also found that I no longer have the head for heights I had when I was 20 years old. So, Parachute jumping was out of the question. Then there was the credit crunch which made things even worse.


Now I am looking for new adventures and experiences that will give at least some excitement in life and I have decided to write about them in my blog as it goes. This website is the online diary of my adventures in retirement. I expect it to evolve as I find new things to do.


I always had a passion for cooking since I was small but I never had the opportunity for it because my Sri Lankan parents believed that cooking is strictly for ladies.  So I have taken up cooking as a hobby.  I try to create food which is a blend of eastern and western cuisines.


I was also inspired by my daughter who has her own website on cooking as well as by my friends who give me some excellent hints and tips on quality Sri Lankan cooking which I sometimes use as the starting point for my food creations.


I am planning to start this site as a food blog and expand to other things as I embark on them.



About myself

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